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Chinese soldiers are suspected of carrying swords, deployed near India

Indian media posted photos of dozens of people wearing Chinese military uniforms, wearing swords, sticks, and army on the hillside near the border between the two countries.

In the photo posted yesterday by Indian media, the group of people believed to be Chinese army soldiers carrying swords, machetes, sticks and automatic rifles is lined up across the stone ramparts on one side. hill September 7.

The group of 40-60 Chinese soldiers appeared in the Mukhpari area on the Rezang-La Range, east of Ladakh, the disputed area between the two countries, Indian government sources said. This group of soldiers tried to close to the position controlled by the Indian army at about 6pm on 7/9.

The raw weapons in the photo are almost the same type used in the deadly brawl in the Galwan Valley that killed 20 Indian soldiers and many Chinese soldiers died on June 15.

“Chinese soldiers may intend to attack Indian soldiers similar to the one in the Galwan valley where they carry sticks, spears, batons and swords,” the source said. Quan Dao is a weapon like a sword that Quan Vu character in the novel Tam Quoc Dien Nghia uses.

“When the Indian army pushed back the Chinese soldiers, they fired 10-15 shots in order to gain power over the Indian soldiers. This was the first time China opened fire along the Reality Control Line (LAC) in 45 years. The last shooting took place in 1975. Indian soldiers did not open fire, “the source said.

Dozens of people believed to be Chinese soldiers carrying crude weapons gathered on the mountainside near the Indian border, on September 7. Photo: PTI.

Indian sources also said the situation in the region along the LAC, the undefined border between India and China, is very tense and unstable. Chinese troops sought to dislodge the Indian army from the strategic high points between the peak of Mukhpari and the Rezang La region.

“The Chinese military has been trying to capture strategic highs for the past three to four days. They broke the iron fence, which was previously set up by Indian soldiers, on September 7. strategic cliff in the southern area of Lake Pangong Tso and monitoring the Chinese formation in the Moldo area, “the source said.

Both India and China have not commented on the information and images above.

Tensions on the Indo-China border have escalated from late April to early May, culminating in a deadly scuffle in mid-June. Scuffle caused both India and China to send reinforcements to the border area. . The Indian military also allowed border commanders to order shootings as needed after the collision.

The Indian government on August 31 accused China of carrying out “provocative military activities” three months after “the Chinese army annexed 60 square kilometers of Indian territory in Ladakh”. However, at a press conference on the same day, the Chinese Foreign Ministry denied the accusations that the country’s military had overtaken the LAC and declared the Indian army to occupy their territory.

India and China on September 8 accused each other of shooting in the air in the clash at the disputed border on September 7, but did not reveal the specific location.

China declared India “violated the bilateral agreement”, demanding “stop dangerous actions” and “strictly punish the soldiers who fired”. The Indian Army denied the news, saying that the Chinese soldiers exploded

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