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Countries that allow ‘euthanasia’

Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Belgium are among the countries that allow medical assistance to help patients die smoothly, but there are separate regulations.

The fact that Mr. Alain Cocq, 57, from France, announced the livestream of his death after being denied the right to euthanasia by the French President, causing this controversial issue to attract attention in international media.

Cocq suffers from a rare condition that causes the artery walls to stick together for the past 34 years and believes she has less than a week to live. He wrote to President Emmanuel Macron asking for euthanasia, but Macron replied that it was not allowed by law.

Cocq plans to livestream his death from September 5. He went on a hunger strike and stopped taking the drugs, explaining that he wanted everyone to witness his death to persuade French authorities to lift the ban on medical assistance to gently leave.

Mr. Alain Cocq, French, in an interview with the press at home in Dijon, France, on 19/8. Photo: Reuters.

Painless death, also known as euthanasia, refers to a situation in which positive measures are taken to end someone’s life, but the act must be performed by someone else. , for example a doctor.

This concept is different from assisted suicide, in that a person ends his or her life with support from someone, but not a doctor.

The right to be supported to die painlessly is a controversial issue in many countries, with proponents claiming that in civilized society, people should be chosen when they are ready to die and should be help if you can’t end your life.

However, opponents have taken a moral stance against euthanasia and euthanasia, claiming that life is God-given for man and that only God can take it away. Others also worry that the law allowing painless death could be abused and those who do not want to die could be killed.

There are a number of countries that have legal suicides, but with strict conditions.

Switzerland is often the first country to be mentioned when it comes to euthanasia. This country allows citizens to leave with the assistance of a doctor without asking for a minimum age, diagnosis or symptoms.

However, euthanasia is considered illegal if the motive is “personal interest”, for example helping someone die to be inherited earlier, or not wanting to be burdened by caring for the sick person.

In 2018, 221 people went to the Dignitas Swiss clinic for support to die. Of these, 87 were from Germany, 31 were from France and 24 were from England. About 1.5% of people who die in Switzerland are the result of assisted suicide.

In the Netherlands, both painless death and suicidal support are legal, in cases where a person is in overwhelming pain and has no chance to improve the situation. Dutch law does not require this person to be terminally ill and does not set a mandatory waiting period.

Children 12 years of age or older can request death assistance, but children under the age of 16 need consent from a parent.

More tests will be done before an autopsy is passed. Physicians considering suicidal assistance should consult with at least one other independent physician to confirm the patient meets the required criteria.

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