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Crashing knives in England

British police said some people were stabbed with knives at the center of Birmingham on the morning of September 6 and called it a serious incident.

“We can confirm that at around 0:30 a.m. on September 6, we received a request to deal with a stabbing in downtown Birmingham,” West Midlands police today Statement.

Police at the scene stabbed a knife in Birmingham on September 6. Photo: 1News.

“Several other stabbing cases were reported in the area shortly thereafter and this was considered a serious incident. We know some people were injured, but for now, we cannot say in total. how many people or their severity, “the statement added. “However, all emergency responders are working together at the scene to ensure that the injured get medical care.”

Footage on British news channels showed police blockade of several areas in the city center while working on the scene.

“We are continuing to determine what happened and it may take some time before we confirm anything,” West Midlands police said. “Not suitable to speculate about the cause of the incident at this stage”.

Many knife stabs took place in England. In June, a young Libyan randomly stabbed people relaxing on a park lawn in Reading town on June 20. The police consider this an act of terror.

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