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Facebook blocked the man planning to livestream death

Facebook does not allow Alain Cocq, who was denied the right to die by the French President, to livestream his departure for fear of adversely affecting the audience.

Alain Cocq, 57, has had a rare condition that caused the artery walls to stick together for the past 34 years. He wrote to French President Emmanuel Macron, asking for “euthanasia” but Macron replied that this is not allowed under the law.

Cocq believes she has less than a week to live and intends to livestream his death from September 5. He went on a hunger strike and stopped taking the medicine, explaining that he wanted everyone to witness his death to persuade French authorities to lift the ban on medical assistance in order to leave gently.

Alain Cocq lying in bed in an apartment in Dijon, northeastern France, on 12/8, Photo: AFP.

“While we respect Alain’s decision to draw attention to this important issue, we must block livestreams on his account, on the advice of experts that the The scene of trying to kill himself can cause many others to harm themselves, “Facebook said on September 5.

After being blocked by Facebook from the livestream, Cocq said that he would find another platform to fulfill his intentions within 24 hours.

France’s neighbors Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands have passed laws allowing “euthanasia” in some cases. But France did not do this, partly due to pressure from the Catholic Church.

Cases of claiming death have long been a sensitive issue in France. Most controversial is the case of Vincent Lambert, who had to live in a vegetative state after a traffic accident in 2008. Lambert was pulled out of a life support device by doctors and died in July of last year after a Long legal battle.

The incident divided France and Lambert’s family, in which his parents used all means to keep their children alive, but his wife and nephew insisted that he be dead. A French court in January acquitted doctors to shut down the life support system.

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