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Former aide Bill Clinton called for a boycott of Kim Kardashian

Bill Clinton’s former press secretary called for a boycott of Kim Kardashian’s brands on suspicion that Kanye West was running to help Trump.

Although rapper Kanye West insists he is seriously running for the presidency, his August 6 interview with Forbes prompted more and more people to question his true intentions.

When asked by the magazine about rumors that Republican strategists were working behind the scenes to help his campaign “suck” Biden’s votes, West replied that he was “going” instead of “racing. “for the presidency. Later, he further explained that he “walked to victory”.

Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West at a party in California in February. Photo: Reuters.

This comment prompted former White House press secretary under Bill Clinton Joe Lockhart to call for a boycott of West’s wife Kim Kardashian’s business as a way to respond to the rapper for “trying to help Trump”.

If Kanye wants to help Trump, “hit their pockets,” Lockhart tweeted August 7, advising everyone to boycott “all Kardashian products”. “Don’t watch the show, don’t buy the perfumes or whatever they sell.”

“I reply to those who say this is not a Kardashian problem that you guys do not understand their business model. It relies entirely on getting the public’s attention. Kanye is a big part of that. Ignore them and let the empire fall, “he added.

West is suspected by many people who are implicitly helping Trump, running for a gesture to “attract” potential voters of Democratic candidate Joe Biden. The rapper is said to be able to draw votes from blacks, the group of voters is more likely to lean to Biden than Trump after the President made more controversial statements about the police violent protest movement for people of color in May and June.

West maintained a good relationship with Trump after he entered the White House. However, when announcing his election in early July, West said he no longer supported the President. Trump has repeatedly stated that he was not involved in West’s campaign but still has a fondness for the rapper.

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