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Hit staff for being asked to sit spaced out

The incident happened on August 9, after a group of 13 women went to Chili’s restaurant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. Groups of people asked to sit at the same table, but staff advised them to sit spaced out and added that the store also only allows up to 6 people to sit at a table.

Three women in the group, 48-year-old Tammy Dabney, 27-year-old Rodneka Dabney, and Erica Dabney, 46, then broke into 17-year-old Kelsy Wallace, injuring her and hospitalized. . All three were arrested on August 13, the local police announced a day later.

Tammy Dabney faced the most serious crime with charges of second-degree assault, intentionally damaging the victim’s body. Erica Dabney and Rodneka Dabney face the crime of first-degree harassment and assault.

Female employee Kelsy Wallace after being attacked in the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, on 9/8. Photo: NBC.

Lorraine Williams, aunt of employee Kelsy Wallace, said she was seriously obsessed with the attack. “She’s scared and has a lot of nightmares,” Williams said, adding that Wallace had to see a psychiatrist.

Wallace had to sew the assault ripped under his eyebrows and she has no intention of returning to work. “That incident seriously harmed me, not only physically, but also mentally,” she said.

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