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Kanye West was removed from the two-state vote

The Virginia and Arizona judges demanded that state elections official remove Kanye West’s name from the ballot paper, striking the rapper’s election effort.

Arizona state judge Scott McCoy on September 3 ruled that rapper Kanye West could not appear on the ballot as an independent candidate because he was a registered member of the Republican party.

The ruling came after Rasean Clayton, the attorney representing Maricopa County residents, argued in the lawsuit that under Arizona law, West and a group of 11 electors pledged to support him could appear in the ballot. upon collecting enough signatures, but with the condition “not being a registered member of a recognized political party”. Clayton’s lawsuit states that West and 10 of the 11 electors that support him are registered as Republicans.

The Arizona ruling also came just hours after Judge Joi Taylor of Richmond, Virginia, discovered 11 voter pleages submitted by West to the state “were illegally collected, fraud and invalid “.

West’s campaign team and his lawyers have not yet commented on the information.

Kanye West attended an art event in New York in May 2016. Photo: Reuters.

West, 43, and his joint venture partner Michelle Tidball, a little-known preacher from Kazakhstan, has not been involved in traditional campaign campaigns since the male rapper announced his participation in the race. into the White House.

When Republicans, including some with ties to Trump, attempts to support West appeared on the votes of several states, sparking speculation that the male rapper was helping the US president “suck” the vote. from young black voters who supported Democrat Joe Biden.

Trump’s re-election aides denied involvement in West operations. The male rapper also denied information was paid to run for president to help Trump attract Biden voters.

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