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Obama is trying to save the legacy from the hands of Trump

On the eve of the 2016 election, Obama told supporters that he would be offended if America chose a flamboyant reality TV star to succeed him.

But the Americans did it. “It’s painful,” Obama later admitted.

Four years later, Obama returned to the Democratic Congress with a speech online from the American Revolutionary Museum in Philadelphia on the evening of August 19. After seeing his successor Donald Trump destroy many of his legacy, Obama is as impatient about this year’s campaign as Joe Biden, who was his deputy. He sees this year’s election as a second chance to save his legacy.

President Obama speaks during the Democratic Congress from the American Revolutionary Museum in Philadelphia on August 19. Photo: AFP.

Obama not only sees this year’s election as an opportunity to revive the international programs and agreements Trump abandoned, it also to rewrite the story of America and its values. Obama and his allies for many years have promoted the notion that his election as the first black president of the United States represents a major change in the country.

However, that view was undermined because after he left office and the Americans chose a new president the complete opposite of him. Obama’s speech on Aug. 19 wanted to prove that Trump was just an anomaly that didn’t last long in American politics and that Biden was the one helping him do that.

“Obama and many of his aides believe the country can recover after four years in power, but if Trump is in power for another four years, the damage cannot be saved,” said Jen Psaki, former director of transmission. The White House under Obama, says. “Obama sees this as a problem

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