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Poor Canadian receive lobster relief

Holland America offers seven food-bank-dependent families in Canada with seven containers of lobster, wagyu beef and a variety of luxury items.

Greater Vancouver Food Bank (GVFB) director David Long on August 12 announced that travel shipping company Holland America has donated seven containers of up to 15 meters long filled with premium food from tenderloin, lobster, wagyu beef to high quality cheese cake.

“This shipment is worth more than $ 200,000,” Mr. Long told CBC’s The Early Edition on the morning of August 13, adding that GVFB is very grateful for all contributions and hopes that the amount of food will be enough to maintain 2- 3 months.

This is good news for people living on support from the GVFB, since before that they mainly received canned foods from this organization. With support from Holland America, they are now able to enjoy luxury food, at least for a short period of time.

GVFB staff transporting goods in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, on March 18. Photo: The Canadian Press.

The GVFB also called the high-end donation shipment from Holland America “unprecedented” and it arrived as soon as the demand for food at the charity increased significantly.

In mid-March, the GVFB had to call for urgent financial, in-kind and volunteer assistance in order to continue to help people during the Covid-19 era. The government then provided a $ 5 million grant to support troubled food banks.

“The demand will definitely increase. Hope everyone is not left behind. If people need food assistance, that’s why we are here,” Mr. Long affirmed.

Prior to receiving recent government funding, CVFB relied solely on contributions from the public, businesses and funds to help people in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and the North Coast.

Holland America on 11/8 announced the suspension of the sea lanes until December 15. According to the Miami Herald, at least 72 people have died from nCoV on the cruises of Carnival Corporation, Holland America’s parent company.

(According to CBC)

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