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President of Lebanon: It is possible that bombs or missiles caused an explosion

Lebanese President Aoun said he would expand the investigation of the Beirut explosion and see if there was “outside interference”.

“The cause of the explosion has not yet been determined. There is a possibility of outside intervention via missiles, bombs or other actions,” local media quoted Lebanese President Michel Aoun on Aug. 7 and His office also confirmed this information.

Mr. Aoun said the country will also consider the cause of the explosion due to irresponsibility or not.

Previously, the President of Lebanon has criticized the negligence of storing shipments containing potentially explosive materials in ports for many years. Officials in the country questioned more than 18 customs and port authorities and those involved in warehouse maintenance.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun presided over a cabinet meeting at Baabda Palace in October 2019. Photo: Reuters.

The capital Beirut on August 4 was shaken by an explosion in a warehouse containing 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, a compound used as fertilizer in agriculture and explosives in industry, at the harbor.

The US has said it does not rule out the possibility that the explosion could be an attack. Lebanon, the rival state of Lebanon, meanwhile has denied any involved role in the blast.

Beirut devastated after the ‘atomic bomb’ Beirut was devastated after the explosion like an atomic bomb. Video: Guardian.

Lebanon Health Minister Mohammad Hassan today announced the death toll in the blast had risen to 154, while a fifth of the 5,000 injured were hospitalized and 120 critically endangered. With a destructive power of 240 tons of TNT, the explosion devastated more than half of the city and caused damage estimated at billions of dollars.

The huge explosion that rocked all over Beirut was believed to be a strong shock to the country facing its worst economic crisis in decades with the Covid-19 pandemic. Many countries around the world, including Lebanon’s allies and opponents, have offered condolences and offers of help.

Video from SkyNews

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