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The attorney husband of the US vice-presidential candidate

When Joe Biden introduced female deputy Kamala Harris, he took the time to talk about a possible historical side if elected.

It’s not that Harris will become America’s first black, Asian-American vice president if Mr. Biden wins this fall. That is how her husband, Douglas Emhoff, a lawyer, also made history by becoming the country’s first second wife.

“Doug, you’ll have to learn to break your own barriers in the job you might be about to take on,” Biden said at an event in Wilmington, Delaware, on August 12.

Ms. Kamala Harris and her husband Douglas Emhoff during the election event in Wilmington, Delaware, on August 12. Photo: Reuters

Harris’s supporters are all too familiar with Emhoff. On the way Harris becomes as a rising political star, he has always openly shown his love for her, protecting her from attacks both on the internet and in real life, and even has a fan base. particular on social networks.

Emhoff, who is also 55 years old like Harris, was born in Brooklyn, New York, and spent his early years there before his father, a women’s shoe designer, moved his family to New Jersey and then Los Angeles.

He graduated from California State University at Northridge and from the Gould Law School of the University of Southern California. Emhoff then majored in entertainment law, working for several law firms. He is currently an associate at the DLA Piper law firm in offices in Washington and Los Angeles.

Emhoff has two grown children with his first wife, Cole and Ella, named after jazz legends. The two divorced but were still “extremely close”, he said. Both Emhoff and Harris regularly share her good relationship with her husband’s stepchildren, stressing that she is often referred to by the intimate name “Momala”.

Emhoff met Harris through a meeting arranged by a friend.

“I was just a prince, a lawyer and then I met Harris on an unknown date, arranged by legendary filmmaker Reginald Hudlin and his wife,” Emhoff said.

He recalled at a business meeting, when he heard that Hudlin’s wife said she wanted to introduce him to her best friend, Emhoff immediately remembered the California Attorney General and said, “Oh my God, she was very interesting”.

Hudlin then gave Emhoff Harris’s phone number, and he texted her that night. In her 2019 memoir, Harris described Emhoff’s calling her as a bold step that made her feel “very endearing.”

“The morning after my first date, Emhoff emailed me a list of appointments he had scheduled for the next couple of months.” He was too old to play with or hide. I really liked you and wanted to see if we could build this relationship, “Harris recalls Emhoff’s words.

Mr. Emhoff accompanied his wife in the 2019 presidential campaign and gave her sweet words to her on social networks. Photo: Twitter / Douglas Emhoff

After months of dating, the two got engaged in March 2014. They married later that year in a small ceremony hosted by Harris’s sister.

It wasn’t until Harris raced for a seat in the US Senate in California in 2016 that Emhoff really understood what it was to marry a rising political star.

“When we got to know each other, she was the attorney general, it was just two busy professionals of that age, trying to balance the two jobs and the two cities,” he said in April. When I got married, I really understood. In that race, I actually became the husband of a politician, attending events. ”

When Harris contested for the Democratic presidential nomination, Emhoff was a close companion of his wife. He recalled feeling overwhelmed waving to the crowd at Harris’ White House race announcement in January.

“We thought 5,000 people would be there but more than 20,000 joined the event in Oakland, California,” he said.

Emhoff also created a funny husband image on social networks during his wife’s campaign. He regularly posts pictures of himself and the outfits of the “Kamala Harris for the people” campaign. He also has a dance video at the San Francisco Pride parade to promote fundraising for the gay and transgender community. The Jewish newspaper The Forward called him “the fascinating Jewish father”.

Emhoff has also become the focus of the press and garnered broad support when defending his wife against attacks. In 2019, a man jumped onto the stage while Harris was speaking, snatching the microphone from her hand. One of the people who took control and pulled him off the stage was Emhoff.

“I love Kamal Harris and will do anything for her,” he wrote on Twitter later.

Kamala Harris and her husband, Douglas Emhoff, joined the 2015 LGBT community parade in San Francisco. Photo: California Globe

Weeks later, Harris was attacked again, this time the eldest son of President Trump, Donald Jr., expressing doubts about his ethnicity.

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