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The Australian Prime Minister apologizes for the translation of the yacht phrase

The NSW Premier apologized for not stopping people infected with nCoV from the Ruby Princess cruise to Sydney in March, causing a serious outbreak.

“The lesson has not been learned in time. Once again, I sincerely apologize for all individuals and agencies that have made mistakes,” New South Wales (NSW) Premier Gladys Berejiklian told reporters in Sydney on August 17.

An investigation into the Covid-19 outbreak involving the Ruby Princess yacht last week concluded that NSW authorities had made an “inexplicable” mistake allowing about 2,700 passengers, of which 120 felt they were not. fine, leaving the yacht to downtown Sydney on 19/3. NSW officials at the time said Ruby Princess yachts had a low risk of nCoV, before it was discovered that some passengers and crew were infected with the virus.

The survey also found that about 914 cases in NSW could be related to the translation of the yacht Ruby Princess phrase, mainly from passengers. Premier Berejiklian specially apologized to 62 people who had been infected with nCoV from a traveler on board.

“I cannot imagine what it would be like for you or your loved one to continue to be affected and hurt by the consequences of this incident,” added Ms. Berejiklian.

Premier of New South Wales (NSW) Gladys Berejiklian in Sydney on 23/2. Photo: Reuters.

Australian officials in March urged 2,700 guests aboard the Ruby Princess cruise to quarantine themselves and soon contact authorities after finding out that four people were positive for nCoV.

New South Wales health agency leader Brad Hazzard at that time said the appearance of Ruby Princess was very worrying. “A very big concern is that those passengers left Ruby Princess unaware of the nCoV positives on the yachts they were traveling,” Hazzard said.

Australia currently records more than 23,500 infections and 421 deaths caused by nCoV, much less than in other developed countries. After making a mistake in dealing with the cluster on Ruby Princess, Australia continues to have flaws in the management of quarantine hotels in Victoria, causing the country to experience a second wave of infections.

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