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The boy danced humorously behind the MC of the British weather forecast

The BBC’s weather forecast on August 1 caught the attention of a boy in the background.
The boy teased while the British TV host was directing On August 1, a boy caught attention when he accidentally appeared in the BBC weather news.
Recently, a boy reluctantly became a celebrity when he accidentally entered the lens of the weather forecast broadcast live. His quirky, humorous actions attract the attention of a large audience.

The naughty boy stood in the background of the host. Photo: BBC.

Specifically, in the video, the reporter warned viewers about the cold air in the coastal town. In the next few seconds, the boy – who is now hilariously called “the hero” by netizens, appeared in the back and started to perform humorous movements such as jumping, pulling his shirt.

After the news aired, the host, Jen Bartram, wrote on Twitter: “I was not aware of this unexpected guest appearance. He has some envious dance moves. through me he is the star of the weather forecast “.

Under the comment section, one audience member wrote: “Yes, he is too cute”, another member commented: “It’s funny! But this is not too rare, right?”.

Jen Bartram is a BBC weather weather host. Previously, she had humorously shared that she had to work at home, turning the terrace into a studio because the society was quarantined due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

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