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The envelope contains the poison sent to Trump

The US security forces discovered and blocked the envelope containing ricin, the recipient’s name outside was President Donald Trump.

US officials conducted two tests with envelopes discovered earlier this week at the White House mailing center, the results showed that the inside of the poison was ricin, two security sources revealed today September 19. The letter, with the recipient’s name being US President Donald Trump, appears to have been sent from Canada.

“The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Secret Service and the US Postal Service Bureau are investigating a suspicious letter appearing at a government mail-handling facility. No threat to the community. at this time, “the FBI said in a statement, adding that all correspondence to the White House is handled at a separate facility for safety.

The White House and the US Secret Service declined to comment.

Outside the White House on September 18. Photo: AFP.

“We have received an offer of assistance from the FBI regarding a suspicious letter sent to the White House. The FBI analyzed the compound in the envelope and found the poison ricin,” said Royal Canadian Cavalry Police. RCMP) released a statement saying it was coordinating with the FBI but did not give further details.

Ricin is a powerful toxin present in castor seeds, which is 6,000 times more lethal than cyanide. There is currently no antidote for ricin, although the US and British armies have conducted several animal tests.

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