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The missing man appeared at the press conference to search

Old Harry Harvey, 80, who had been missing for four days while climbing, returned right away at the press conference held by his family to search for him.

Mr. Harvey, an experienced climber, was notified of his disappearance at 13:30 on September 6 after he was separated from his companion when he encountered hail during a climbing trip in Yorkshire Dales, northeast England. Police, Royal Air Force (RAF), more than 100 rescue team members and sniffing dogs have been searching for Harvey for 4 days but to no avail.

A press conference is scheduled for 9/9 at Tan Hill pub about Harvey’s disappearance. However, this press conference turned into celebration when he appeared.

A wildlife photographer spotted him in a field and contacted rescuers. Mr. Harvey’s son and daughter-in-law then picked up and happily embraced his father.

Mr. Harry Harvey was reunited with his son and daughter-in-law on Tan Hill on 9/9. Photo: Facebook / The Tan Hill.

When the family reunited in the pub scheduled for the press conference, Harvey recalls that he “suffered a really big hail” accompanied by “howling winds”. It was already dark and he decided to switch to “plan B” by finding a safe place to camp and pitch a tent.

When asked about his forehead wound, he said: “I fell off a bridge and lost my glasses and compass.” Fortunately, the frames were orange, so he was easily able to find them. “I had three really great camping nights, where I was alone and got all the gear I needed,” he says.

However, relatives of Harvey were not so excited about the experience. His daughter-in-law said they had nightmares after their father’s death

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