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The storm destroyed 59 bridges in North Korea

Typhoon Maysak paralyzed the North Korean transport system, destroyed 59 bridges and many structures, forcing Kim Jong-un to revise the projects at the end of the year.

The North Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said today that Maysak, also known as the 9th storm in North Korea, has led to a state of emergency, paralyzing the transport system, destroying more than 2,000 homes. , flooding public buildings and streets.

KCNA quoted leader Kim Jong-un as saying the storm damage left the country in a situation where “nothing can be done but change the direction of the fight, after a comprehensive review of the year-end missions being carried out. show “.

Kim spoke at a meeting of the Korean Workers’ Party on September 8 about efforts to overcome the aftermath of the storm in affected areas, including the Komdok region in South Hamgyong province.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (center) surveyed the storm-damaged area in South Hwanghae province in a photo released on August 27. Photo: KCNA.

The news agency added that Mr. Kim emphasized the need for rebuilding houses and restoring roads and railways until October 10, the anniversary of the founding of the Korean Workers Party. He also set a target to have all repairs done by the end of the year.

North Korea was recently hit by three storms, Bavi, Maysak and Haishen, which are already struggling with heavy rains and inundation caused by one of the wettest rainy seasons on record. Natural disasters can have a serious impact on North Korea due to aging infrastructure, and many bare hills, which increase the risk of flooding.

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