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These celebrities are named for medical syndromes

Literature is often inspired by life. Therefore, it is not uncommon for novel characters to be named for human illnesses.
The story of taking the name of a character in the novel to nickname people with similar personalities in real life has become popular. To refer to the silver-hearted men, people immediately think of So Khanh, a famous figure in the Tale of Kiều.

The poor aristocrat Don Quixote of the great writer of Spain Miguel de Cervantes is often used as a nickname for the lad, but likes to worry about the copper. Not only that, some medical syndromes are also named after literary characters. Let’s find out which famous figures of literature have entered the world literature.

Baron Münchhausen
This is a real character, aristocratic, but he is widely known for his work The Amazing Adventures of Baron Münchhausen of the German writer Rudolf Erich Raspe. Famous for his bragging talent, Baron Münchhausen often talked about his “unique” trips, saying he had once ridden a cannon on the moon.

Baron Münchhausen gives his readers a witty, creative laughter. Photo: Pinterest.

There has been a psychological syndrome named after this character. Of course, the disease is also related to lying. People with “Münchhausen Syndrome” always say that they are ill, usually serious illnesses, or chronic illnesses. They always obsess about health and want to win the special attention of those around them.

Along with Hamlet and King Lear, Othello is one of the top three tragedies of great English writer William Shakespeare. The work has ingeniously portrayed human nature in a spiral of love and power. Jealous and instigated by the bad guy, the talented general Othello had mercilessly strangled his wife Desdemona to death. When the truth is revealed, the death of a blind husband cannot atone for the error.

Tragedy of jealousy of the character Othello has been repeatedly reproduced on stage theater and Opera. Photo: New York Stage Review.
Othello is named for a syndrome of excessive jealousy in men. People with this syndrome always assume that their partners are betraying themselves and having an affair. They often imagine that the wife is with other people, usually acquaintances like friends and colleagues.

Socially behaviors such as talking, smiling, or shaking hands with your partner towards the opposite sex also make them appear negative thoughts. In some cases, people with this syndrome have hurt their wives because they cannot control their emotions.

Peter Pan
Peter Pan is a famous fictional character in the work of the same name by Scottland writer James Matthew Barrie. The five godson of the author inspired him to write this interesting work. Peter Pan is a 12-year-old boy who flies and refuses to grow.

Peter Pan is the most famous figure in the career of James Matthew Barrie. Photo: DSNY Newcast.
The boy refused to grow and always wanted to immerse himself in the free, unimaginable life of a child. Peter Pan’s life is a series of interesting, colorful adventures.

The character’s name is given to a teenage psychology syndrome. People with this syndrome are obsessed with growing up. They are often shy, always afraid to face pressure. Peter Pan syndrome makes people very vulnerable to negative words or gestures from others.

The mermaid, or mermaid, is a famous figure in Greek and Norse mythology. According to legend, mermaids often have very good voices, captivating sailors. Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen also had a very touching story about the mermaid. Because of loving the prince, she was willing to sacrifice her voice in exchange for her feet.

Famous Ariel Mermaid of Disney. Photo: Pinterest.
Writer Alexander Romanovich Belyaev also composed a novel titled Fishman. The main character is a boy who can stop living underwater.

“Fishman” is named for a rare syndrome in medicine. Babies with this syndrome have two legs joined together and look for several internal and external organs. A baby usually only lives a few days after birth. To date, only 4 cases of mermaid syndrome have been recorded in the world over the age of 1.

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