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Trump may have painted ‘illusion’

When more than 180,000 Americans died from the CoV, Trump judged himself to have created record success, and attacked rival Biden as the “threat” of America.

Leslie Vinjamuri, PhD in International Relations, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, said the speech accepting Trump’s Republican presidential nomination on the evening of August 27. primarily praises the success of his policies, while depicting a cultural clash between the Republicans, inspired by patriotism, and the Democrats held by American haters.

Trump also targets Protestant voters and the American white working class. Trump needs to do this because his support rate in national polls is 8% less than Biden.

But through the speech, Trump also signaled to wealthy white Americans that he would cut taxes, protect their wealth, as opposed to Biden, who Trump argues with former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. oppose tax cuts for the rich.

At a time when congress remains at a stalemate on fiscal stimulus and massive government intervention, Trump’s pledge could provide reassurance to Americans who don’t want increased government intervention or increased intervention. who still benefit from the stock market.

The US President reads the statement accepting the presidential nomination of the Republican presidential candidate on the South Lawn of the White House on the evening of August 27. Photo: AFP.

Trump announced that he had successfully implemented the “America First” agenda he pledged to, while expressing an optimistic attitude toward America’s history and future.

Less than 70 days until the US presidential election, as the country is experiencing an out-of-control health crisis with 180,000 deaths, tens of millions of people losing their jobs and the lowest GDP growth in In the second quarter, Trump “created a feeling of illusion that enveloped the ceremony at the White House”, Vinjamuri said.

Trump spoke on the White House lawn, in front of hundreds of supporters without a mask. This is “a clear sign that the President will continue to reject the advice of America’s top health professionals and also the situation America is experiencing,” according to Vinjamuri.

Trump’s re-election depends on the ability to win votes from indecisive voters in battlefield states. And he is betting that the “law and order” agenda entices them.

The developments in the US for the week gave the President more opportunities to advance this agenda as Americans continued to witness another incident of police violence. On August 23, Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old black man, was shot seven times from behind by police while walking to a car in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in the presence of three children sitting in the car. When Republicans spoke at national congresses, the protests continued to escalate and some cases turned violent.

Trump described Democrats and candidate Joe Biden as an existential threat to the security and safety of the American people. He was further emphasized by violence that escalated in the streets of Democratic cities.

Trump’s speech was a gamble. Political conferences rarely impact elections, and the remaining 67 days are far more important than anything else going on in North Carolina or Washington this week. The race could become a close chase in the coming weeks.

The election is a referendum on Trump. For indecisive voters, they will continue to observe the Covid-19 situation, the economy and evaluate their own personal circumstances.

But the election results can once again be decided by voters in a few battlefield states, but with great influence. Wisconsin is one of three battlefield states that brought Trump to the White House in 2016 and it could decide the outcome of the November elections.

As the summer passed, support for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement subsided. The poll showed that in August, 48% of Wisconsin voters supported the movement, down from 61% in June.

But the decline in support has yet to translate into a Trump rating. In fact, the public has less confidence in Trump’s ability to deal with the BLM movement than in his way of running the economy or dealing with the medical crisis. The percentage of disapproval of the President’s treatment of the protest remains steady at 58%. Only 28% of independent voters approved of Trump’s handling of BLM.

As a result Trump was likely to win in Wisconsin. But this can only be achieved if voters are hesitant to restore order. And for it, they are willing to trade equality and justice. Trump’s actions can also backfire. Voters may want to see order restored to their home streets, but they may also assume that it must come with a commitment to substantive reform.

Both Trump and Biden agree that this is the most important presidential election in decades. “Ultimately, it will become a referendum on Trump and his ability to control Covid-19 and related crises.

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