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Trump said Biden was ‘stupid’, asked to apologize

Trump said rival Biden “stupid”, put many lives at risk for the direction of handling Covid-19 and asked to apologize for the words “against vaccines”.

“Biden and his very free companion, the freest man in parliament but in my opinion, without qualifications, will ruin this country, this economy. They must immediately apologize for these their words of anti-vaccine recklessness they are saying right now, “US President Donald Trump said at a White House press conference on September 7, referring to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and candidate. President Kamala Harris.

Trump’s comments came a day after Harris said she did not believe what Trump said about the Covid-19 pandemic and would ask top medical experts if the potential vaccine released this year was effective enough and safe or not. Biden, who criticized Trump’s response to the pandemic, also urged Americans to listen to the scientists.

President Trump at a press conference at the White House on September 7. Photo: AFP.

Trump earlier announced a Covid-19 vaccine would be ready in record time, possibly ahead of the November presidential election, questioning whether political pressure could lead to vaccine deployment before It is guaranteed to be safe or not.

The US President said that it was Biden and Harris words that were “scientifically destructive” and said the Democratic presidential candidate was “stupid”.

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