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Trump’s seriously ill brother

Robert is said to have disagreed with Donald in business but has stood up for the President before the negative information.

President Trump on August 14 visited his brother Robert, 72, at a hospital in New York. Mr. Robert is believed to have been ill for many months and was hospitalized in June. The White House did not give details of Robert’s health but officials said he was seriously ill. Trump stressed to reporters that he has “a great brother” and that their relationship is very good.

Robert (left) and Donald Trump in New York 1999. Photo: AP.

Unlike his brother, Robert has been relatively quiet in recent years in Milbrook, Dutchess County, New York. He supports a number of local charities such as the Angels of Light nonprofit and a horse rescue group. One local described Robert as elite and well-behaved. “He was not bombastic,” the source said.

Robert once attracted the attention of his wife Blaine’s divorce in 2007, after 25 years of marriage and childlessness. Blaine is the executive vice chairman of God’s charity, God’s Love We Deliver. Robert in March remarried to his secretary, Ann Marie Pallan.

As the youngest son of real estate developer Fred C. Trump’s strict family, Robert is not under as much pressure from his father as his brothers.

Although Robert was not tempered to take over the family business, he remained devoted to supporting his brother after his father handed over the business empire to Donald. Robert was formerly executive vice president of the Trump Group, helping his brother oversee casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

However, after a heated quarrel revolved around the opening of the Taj Mahal casino in 1990, he stopped working directly with Donald, according to Gwenda Blair, the biographer about the Trump family.

“When the opening that weekend went wrong and the slot machine got stuck, Donald blamed Robert. Robert went out of the room and never worked directly with him again,” Blair said.

Michael D’Antonio, biographer about Donald Trump, said: “Robert is arguably the most private of the Trump family members. He likes to be out of the spotlight. He has a negative role.” in the Trump Group. I can’t say exactly what he does. ”

Robert (right) and Donald Trump at Trump Tower, New York, September 2015. Photo: Twitter / DanScavino.

In June, Robert asked a court in New York to block the late granddaughter of Mary L. Trump, the son of his late brother, from publishing his memoirs but failed.

In the 240-page book, Mary, 55, a psychologist, accused the President of being arrogant, ignorant, and overly loving herself. The book also details the events Mary Trump witnessed while at her grandparents’ home in Queens childhood, where Trump and his four siblings grew up. Mary said that the family turmoil contributed to the character of the President, whom she called “the most dangerous in the world”.

According to Robert, Mary Trump violated the nondisclosure agreement she signed with him, President Trump, and his aunt Maryanne Trump Barry. “Its efforts are aimed at sensationalizing and distorting our family relationships for the financial good,” said Robert.

“Me and the rest of the family are very proud of the President, my great brother, and feel Mary’s actions are a real disgrace,” Robert stressed.

In 2016, Robert also showed his support for his brother when Donald ran for president. “I support Mr. Donald 1,000%,” he said.

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