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Warning Russian hackers are targeting Biden’s campaign

Hackers from Russia over the past two months targeted SKDKnickerbocker (SKDK), the Washington-based campaign strategy and communications company, said sources familiar with the matter said on September 9. The company is co-advising Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden as well as senior members of the party.

A source close to SKDK said the hackers were unable to access the corporate network. “They are well protected, so they are not compromised,” the source said.

Hilary Rosen, vice president of SKDK, did not comment on the information. Joe Biden’s spokesman also declined to answer the question.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaking in Detroit, Michigan, USA, on 9/9. Photo: Reuters.

Three sources familiar with the matter said the warning was sent by Microsoft to SKDK “recently” and that SKDK identified hackers associated with Russia as possible culprits.

The attacks included phishing attempts to reveal their passwords by users as well as attempts to break into the SKDK network, they added. A Microsoft spokesperson has not yet commented on the information.

However, the sources added that it is not clear whether the Russian hackers were targeting Biden’s campaign or wanted to access data of other SKDK customers.

The information about SKDK being targeted by hackers came as US intelligence agencies recently warned of the danger of foreign meddling in the presidential election in November.

SKDK is closely related to the Democrats, has worked with it on six presidential campaigns and many parliamentary races. In addition to his current role as a consulting firm for Biden, SKDK in 2018 collaborated on the successful governing campaign of two other Democrats in Kansas and Connecticut.

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