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It also identifies the specific bank branch, which means the check can clear faster. Some places will not clear checks without this code. You will need special ink in order for online bookkeeping the check readers to clearly read the MICR code. This is true for any check writing software, not just Checkeeper. You can print on a pre-printed check or blank check paper.

With Checkeeper and your regular printer, you can print personal or business checks using check-stock or regular paper. “We’ve been encouraging people to just use blank paper instead of paying for a pack of cardstock,” Rockwell explains. Contrary to popular belief, checks printed on normal paper are just as valid – and safe – as those printed on stock paper. Automatically debit your customer’s bank account whenever your Xero invoices are due. Create unlimited checks and never run out of checks at any time. There is no need to keep check orders online, and do not have to wait for checks.

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Unlike other web-based and software programs, Checkeeper does not require customers to use check stock paper, while still meeting national banking standards. This means that with Checkeeper you won’t need special check printing ink or a special printer. At $14.99 per month, customers can print as many checks as desired on either check stock or blank paper. This software is designed for a busy small business owner who can’t be bogged down with complicated system setups, making this our top pick for small businesses. If you need a stand-alone check writing software application or one that integrates with your payroll or accounting program, Checkeeper is an excellent choice. Its API code lets you integrate it with just about any program.


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It’s up to you to assess the performance, quality and suitability of any app before going ahead. Pay outstanding invoices with Checkeeper and Xero is automatically updated with check payment information. We use cookies to improve security, personalize the user experience, enhance our marketing activities and for other business use. By clicking “Accept“ you agree to the use of cookies. Connect your app with FreshBooks to provide your customers with additional functionality.

AlternativeTo is a free service that helps you find better alternatives to the products you love and hate. Now I can print all the checks on Blank Check Paper and export from my QuickBooks as well. She is an expert on small business and personal finance. As HR manager, I had to be very cautious in a disputing situation when the check hasn’t arrived and goes to the bank, digging through all my paperwork. The Check Book feature on OCW makes it easy for me to search!


In addition to the check templates, you can choose from 1,000+ custom backgrounds and logos. You can write checks bookkeeping by hand or print them and never have to worry about running out of checks for home or small business use.

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While Checkeeper says you do not need special MICR ink to print checks, it’s a good idea to have some on hand so that banks are able to accept and process your checks. MICR ink is needed to print the MICR code, a character-recognition technology used by banks that allows its readers to scan and read the information directly into its devices. PrintBoss allows you to print checks from multiple QuickBooks companies or bank accounts to one blank check stock. PrintBoss Select and Enterprise work with all QuickBooks desktop editions. Many programs include other accounting or bookkeeping features such as invoicing, accepting payments, or check mailing services. This includes buying special printer paper and ink or learning how to use an advanced check writing software program.

  • I was confused of managing multiple companies as an accountant.
  • Being a contractor I always have to give checks ahead in many situations and keep report and notes.
  • It’s an excellent choice for check printing software.
  • You can use one of the provided templates or scan in a check of whatever style you like.
  • If you need any help to set up, please chat with us at any time or call us.

The software doesn’t require special ink (it’s compatible with your printer’s standard ink) and can be used with any type of printer. The company offers both email and phone call support. You create online, Click Mail- OCW print and mail it for free. Getting started with our app is easy with all our web features and functions available. So you can still run your business in a truly mobile experience. Online Check Writer is entirely cloud-based and does not require any download on any computer.

We offer reliable delivery and a quick turnaround on orders so you’ll never be stuck without checks again. Choose from a wide selection of business and personal checks, stamps, deposit slips, tax forms and envelopes. Customers can test out the software before buying it with the company’s free demo that is available for Mac and Windows devices. This means you can go through the process of creating checks and see for yourself whether this is the best option before committing to paying for the software. Blank checks can be created and integrated with accounting software such as QuickBooks or printed directly through the CheckBuilderPro program.

Best For Windows And More: Online Check Writer

CheckStream enables customized check design with control over the content, size and shape of every document. It provides the flexibility to add variable messages with complete power over the style and position of fonts, images, and logos on every check. Now I can print all the checks on Blank Check Paper from numerous companies and export from my QuickBooks as well. I don’t have to keep track and change the pre-printed check papers.

Best Free Checking Accounts For Small Businesses needs all CSS files to be minified and compressed as it can save up to 50.1 kB or 79% of the original size. Checkeeper has an online portal, so you can view account information no matter where you are, and it can back up the database so you don’t checkkeeper lose important information. The search function lets you find a payment or check. But if you’re in a pinch after having run out of checks before your new ones arrive, you can often get several instant counter checks from your bank to meet your temporary need.

As part of these changes I started looking into printing my own checks. It’s only for those cavemen companies that don’t take plastic and can’t take cash where I’m forced to either pony up for a money order or write a check. With CheckBuilderPro, you can print business or personal checks in unlimited quantities. It comes with 140 checks when you buy the program too.

Moving From Any Other Check Writing Software? Move Your Check History Too

Highest customer reviews on one of the most highly-trusted product review platforms. Experience a faster way to fill out and sign forms on the web. Access the most extensive library of templates available. That’s right, all the lists of alternatives are crowd-sourced, and that’s what makes the data powerful and relevant. Although Xero reviews each app in the Xero App Store, we can’t give any guarantees.

Available for a one-time purchase of $49.95, CheckBuilderPro can be used to make business checks, personal checks, and deposit slips using any brand of check paper. Checks can be customized with your company’s logos, signatures, and fonts. The system will also store data so checks can be created in as little as one click. Other features include bank statement reconciliation, custom reports, transaction tracking, and batch printing. Includes unlimited check printing, unlimited templates, unlimited bank accounts all with the ability to print on check stock or blank paper. We reviewed dozens of companies offering either cloud-based or software solutions for check writing.

Drag-and-drop template editor allows you to add logos, edit fonts and sizes, embed images and print signatures. Create Account Watch How Print checks from your home or office printer today.

It works with both Quicken and QuickBooks and includes over 100 check templates for easy use. Checksoft includes 175 free checks, of which 100 are business-size checks. This saves you money on check paper, and the checks are completely bank-compliant.

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