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MLA Format for Essays

hey you wish 111 students I wanted to quickly walk through how to set up your essay and MLA format so I’m going to show you in Microsoft Word because that’s what’s on my computer so when I open word mine default opens up to just a blank document yours may open to this new screen where you’ve got all these options for all kinds of different documents there is the ability here in the templates to search for MLA and it will give you a template or a format where you can just plug in everything for MLA that’s totally fine if you do that just make sure you plug everything in and delete everything else because the templates gonna have all kinds of stuff like how to put a table and and that sort of thing and you don’t need that so I’m just going to choose the the blank document so that’s where mine automatically opens and MLA has just a couple of rules it’s actually a pretty straightforward way to write an essay there’s no title page there’s nothing like that so the first thing I’m going to do is to set all of my spacing and font and that sort of thing for the entire essay so MLA typically is done in Times New Roman size 12 and you can set that to be the default in your Microsoft Word so that when you open it it’s automatically their MLA also has everything double-spaced which means up here in the paragraph section I’m going to choose this toggle which is spacing and I’m going to choose 2.0 which is double-spaced the other thing I’m gonna do in this toggle I’m going to open it again is click this remove space after paragraph if I don’t do that and it’s stuff that way as the default then every time I hit enter to start a new paragraph it’s gonna make extra space and it just looks weird it makes every paragraphs that are spaced out in its own world so I’m gonna click that so it does not add that extra face I’m going to remove it the top of the first page in MLA is a heading where you put your name the instructors name the course and the dates so if I were doing this for a class I would put Jennifer hip and steel whatever the instructors name is dr. Craig McDonald English 111 and then the date that it’s due then when I hit enter on this line I can either put a title for my essay I don’t require titles you don’t have to do the title or I could just start the first paragraph of my essay if you do a title Center it and use capital letters title of essay families here something like that notice each big word is capitalized then I hit enter go back to the left and this is where intro paragraph begins here Sarah etc let’s just say okay here’s my paragraph okay the first line of every paragraph is indented and then all the other lines are over here on the left-hand margin so if I hit enter begin a new paragraph I hit the tab key and that’s an X paragraph begins here and then if I just typing it looks like a paragraph because all of the other lines are to the left the only other thing missing is in the top of each page on the corner and the right-hand side should be my last name and a page number so I need to tell word to insert that so I go to inserts and I want word to keep up with the page numbers I want it to just automatically do it so I’m going to choose page number not header I’m going to choose page number and I want it at the top of the page and I want the number over on the right-hand side when I do that notice that the cursor is blinking next to the number so now I can type in my last name whatever your name it’s your last name not mine so whatever your last name is type it in there and then because I like things to match I’m just gonna change the font to Times New Roman 12 so now every time I start a new page this is going to show up with the new page number that’s it that’s MLA format for just a regular essay so if you’re not doing research or anything like that that is the only thing you need to know about MLA format later in this semester when we do add research to our essays will add some bits to this format things like how to list your resources on the works cited page that sort of thing but for now for your first few essays where you’re not using format that’s all you need to know so name and page number the heading that shows up at the top of only the first page title if you decide to and then the essay begins here everything is double-spaced so make sure you use your spacing toggle and you’re good to go that’s it so be sure to use MLA format for all of your essays and you will be good to go for the class

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